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My Core

Art Imitates Life.


I have always loved that statement. I love it because that is exactly what I am doing when I embark on a new a project. The statement transcends into all facets of art as it suggests a simplistic explanation to the process of interpreting what an artist sees and attempts to communicate. 


From that journey to creative communication through portraiture I discovered the necessary discipline of hyper-realistic works by other artists from around the globe and it completely changed my work ethic. As a new student to this discipline, I thrive upon the thought, the contemplation and patience hyper-realistic styled portraits demands as it pushes the level of attention to detail beyond typical thresholds of detail work. This approach thrusts the artist into  the mysterious world of nuance, detail and pure magic!


Hyper-realism is to art what the electron microscope is to the study of biology. 

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