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Official 2017 Gele Day Flyer

Official Gele Day 2017 Flyer. This flyer features all of my photography work as the backsdrop and finalized with illustrator and photoshop.

Official 2016 Gele Day Flyer

Truly an honor to  contributor to this much needed community movement. This was a particularly gratifying flyer to put together. It has my photography that truly hones in the energy from the past five years. Art within marketing is a delicate balance that must be used carefully so not to lose the message in non-essential elements. That said, our ideas have come together. We have an aquatic theme, a brilliant logo, and design elements that fall easy on the eyes.

She Through Me 2019.jpg
She Through Me Soiree

Official flyer for the 2019 Soiree "She Through Me." 

    Third World Press Foundation 50th Anniversary project 
    circa 2017

    Redesigned logo and flyer concept. Please see the "contract photography" page for the event photos.

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